Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Protagonist: Mirajane

Mirajane (Mirajēn?), nicknamed "Mira", is a motherly waitress and cover girl of the guild, and Elfman (Erufuman?), a large man obsessed with spouting speeches about "manhood", are two siblings who specialize in the "Take Over" style of magic, which allows for the user to transform into any monster that they have defeated. Mirajane's name comes from a video game Hiro Mashima was playing while he created her.[13] After Lisanna, their younger sister, was thought to have sacrificed herself to return Elfman from an unsuccessful transformation,but in reality was sucked into an anima headed to Fairy Tail in Edoras. Mirajane, originally an S-class mage, lost her will to use most magic, and Elfman became unable to transform anything more than his arms. Elfman eventually becomes able to fully transform in order to save his older sister, and Mirajane is able to unlock her abilities after seeing Fried mercilessly attack Elfman. Mirajane is initially only able to use basic transformation magic, but after regaining her abilities, she is able to use water magic and a demonic Take Over form. Mirajane is voiced by Ryoko Ono and Elfman is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto.

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Is.. she looks like a Succubus in that form.

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